A statement from Chairperson and CEO Tony Coles, M.D.

The COVID-19 public health crisis and the death of George Floyd—stark events that have disproportionally affected minority communities—have exposed and laid bare the unsettling effects of racial inequality that we as a society have failed to adequately address for too long.

I am saddened by the events of recent days, but as a Black American, I understand the anger and frustration of the many who are hurting so deeply.

As business leaders, we must use these circumstances to elevate discussions around what it means to build and support a diverse, inclusive work environment. It is our obligation to foster workplaces that enable people with unique perspectives and experiences to be their authentic selves and to bring their whole selves into the workplace. Without this, excellence isn’t possible.

At Cerevel we are dedicated to fostering a workplace that creates strength in our diversity and in the collection of our unique perspectives—that is the excellence we strive to unlock. And it is our work to establish the conditions for people to be their authentic selves. Our “oneness” …the Mosaic idea inherent in our culture… is actually not about “diversity statistics,” increased profits, boosted morale, reduced turnover, or banners and buttons—rather the explicit idea that it is simply right and central to “being human.”