We are developing CVL-871 for the treatment of dementia-related apathy. Apathy is among the most common neuropsychiatric co-morbidities associated with dementia, placing great stress on both caregivers and families and correlating very highly with disease progression.

About the Mechanism of CVL-871

Dopamine acting on D1/D5 receptor subtypes in the cortex and midbrain plays a key role in the finely-tuned and dynamic neural network that modulates cognitive function, reward-processing and decision-making. Conscious goal-directed behavior is mediated by the mesolimbic dopamine pathway. D1 receptors in non-motor brain regions are believed to modulate cognition, reward and decision-making. Dementia patients require a finely-tuned modulation of the neural networks that govern cognition, motivation and behavior to normalize the dynamic range.

CVL-871 is a selective partial agonist of the dopamine D1/D5 receptor subtypes specifically designed to bind to these receptors and achieve a modest level of partial agonism, which we believe may be useful in modulating the complex neural networks that govern cognition, motivation and behavior.