We find a way

We find a way

Cerevel Therapeutics relentlessly finds paths through complexity to bring real progress and new treatment options to people living with a broad range of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Changing the course of disease

Changing the course of disease

Many hypotheses have been advanced to better understand chronic neurological and neuropsychiatric disease progression, but attempts to develop therapeutics that modify or cure have been largely unsuccessful. Those failures have driven a retrenchment in pharmaceutical company investment in the space, leaving patients with limited options.

We have a clear vision for what’s next in neuroscience innovation combined with the unique flexibility to make clinical and commercial decisions for each compound without the financial restrictions of large pharma.

This freedom opens up opportunities to bring better and faster innovation to people living with neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases. It allows us to advance our portfolio of novel agents simultaneously, addressing key symptoms of chronic illnesses while investing in earlier stage compounds with biological hypotheses that can change the course of disease.

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Unlocking what’s next

Our assets are highly specific solutions to biological hypotheses the industry has tried to tackle for years. They are the result of great ideas, deep neuroscience expertise, and chemical design over a 20 year period at Pfizer. As a standalone neuroscience company, we will push the boundaries of scientific understanding and impact.

Goal one is to efficiently bring to market our late-stage clinical assets focused in the areas of Parkinson’s Disease (dopamine D1 agonist) and Epilepsy (GABA A positive modulator).

In parallel, we will continue to advance our earlier stage pipeline across the spectrum of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders—from Alzheimer’s Disease agitation/aggression to schizophrenia, depression and substance use disorder—and actively seek opportunities to expand and accelerate this portfolio through value added partnerships as well as M&A activity.

Artboard 1LeadDevelopmentCandidateStagePhase 1Phase 2Phase 3MuscarinicM4 PositiveModulatorDopamineD1/5PAAgonistKappaOpiateAntagonistDopamineD3AntagonistLRRK2 InhibitorM4AgonistPDE4bInhibitorEpilepsyParkinson’sPsychosisAddictionGABA APositiveModulator
Artboard 1EpilepsyParkinson’sPsychosisAddictionLead DevelopmentCandidateStagePhase 1Phase 2Phase 3M4AgonistLRRK2 InhibitorPDE4bInhibitorDopamineD3AntagonistKappaOpiateAntagonistMuscarinicM4PositiveModulatorDopamineD1/5 PAAgonistGABA APositive Modulator
Unlocking what’s next
Together, we work smarter

Together, we work smarter

A team of leaders dedicated to finding solutions for people with nervous system disorders
Tony Coles, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Ken DiPietro

Chief Human Resources Officer

Orly Mishan

Chief Business Officer

Bryan K. Phillips

Chief Legal Officer

John Renger

Chief Scientific Officer

Raymond Sanchez, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Kathy Yi

Chief Financial Officer

Supported by a seasoned Board of Directors
Tony Coles, M.D.

Cerevel Therapeutics

Marijn Dekkers, Ph.D.

Novalis LifeSciences LLC

Doug Giordano

Pfizer Inc.

Chris Gordon

Bain Capital

Gabrielle Sulzberger

Rustic Canyon/Fontis Partners

Together, we work smarter

A different kind of partnership

We saw a need in an underserved therapeutic area, have the know-how to build a standalone business, and have developed the science to make a real difference in people’s lives.

A different kind of partnership

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